Bitten By Someone's Dog? Know Who's Responsible

Posted on: 27 November 2018

When you are injured by another person, it is usually quite clear who you need to go after in court in order to receive compensation for your injury. However, suffering from a dog bite can be a different story. Your immediate question will be about who is ultimately responsible for what the dog did.

The Owner of the Dog

In most situations, the person who is going to found liable when you're bitten by a dog is the owner of the dog. This should be quite clear if the dog's owner is with the dog at the time of the bite, and it is very easy to track them down and get their information,

The Keeper of the Dog

Things get a bit confusing then the bite occurs when the owner is not with their dog. This can happen if a dog walker is looking after the dog and was found to be negligent in some way. This can include taking the dog off the leash in an area where it is not allowed, or not watching the dog because they are trying to watch too many dogs at the same time.

This extends to people that are taking care of a dog on their own property. If the bite occurred on someone's property due to their negligence, the property owner could be found responsible in this situation. This can be from allowing a dog to escape the property under their care, or not protecting others from the dog while visiting.

The Owner of the Shelter

When the dog that bit you is currently being held in a shelter, you will be very confused since the dog does not have an official loaner yet. In this situation the person that owners the shelter may be found to be responsible. Depending on how the business is set up, you'll likely be suing the company for damages. It's rare that you will actually sue the person that owns the business.

The Owner's Parents

It's possible that the owner of the dog that bit you is not over 18, leaving you with a conundrum about who is ultimately responsible. This is possible when the pet is technically considered the property of the kid. You do not have to pursue legal action against the child, since you can find the parents to be responsible instead.

If you are confused over who is responsible for causing your dog bite, contact local personal injury lawyers for their assistance.