Be Sure That Your Demand Letter Stipulates Damages For These Bicycle Accident Injuries

Posted on: 4 December 2018

It's possible to ride your bicycle for a long time without ever being in an accident, but should you and another cyclist end up making contact, several different outcomes are possible. In the case of a minor collision, you can wish each other well and continue on your respective ways. However, if you've been seriously hurt and are looking at some significant medical expenses, you'll likely want some compensation from the other cyclist — especially if you believe that he or she blatantly caused the accident. Retain a personal injury attorney who handles bicycle cases, and make sure that your demand letter requests damages for all of your applicable injuries.

Head Injuries

Perhaps the most serious type of injury that you can suffer while riding your bicycle is a head injury. Head injuries are more likely when you aren't wearing a helmet, but it's possible to hit your head and sustain an injury even with a helmet on. If you were launched over your handlebars or simply knocked off the side of your bike, it's relatively easy for your head to make contact with the ground. Bicycle-related head injuries are serious because of how they can affect your everyday life; make sure to demand adequate compensation for them.

Arm and Leg Injuries

Arm and leg injuries are also common when you're in a serious bicycle accident. Unlike how a seat belt in a vehicle restrains you, your limbs can get twisted around your body when you fall off your bike. Arms and legs alike can get broken, while you can also suffer injuries such as dislocations and tendon tears that require surgery. Talk to your bicycle accident lawyer about all of the medical costs of dealing with these injuries — and don't forget the expense of physical therapy.

Internal Injuries

Internal injuries might not frequently occur with bicycle accidents, but you want to be able to get damages for them should they be a part of your accident. Injuries of this nature can take place if you're thrown from the seat of your bicycle into the handlebars or another solid part of the bike. The impact could leave you with an internal injury such as a lacerated liver, for example. Talk to your attorney about the overall cost of these medical expenses and make sure that your demand letter clearly defines them. As with any injury suit, you'll also want to evaluate the emotional impact that the accident has created.