How To Have A Productive First Meeting With Your DUI Lawyer

Posted on: 12 December 2018

If you have been charged with a DUI, hiring a good lawyer can make all the difference to your case. Good DUI lawyers know what tactics to apply when, and they often have connections with judges and prosecutors that can result in reduced sentences for their clients. However, you also have some responsibility when it comes to the success of your case. It all starts with the first meeting you have with your DUI attorney. Here's how to ensure it's a good one.

1. Bring all of your information.

Your lawyer will need to collect your basic information in order to start working for you. It sounds pedantic, but if you don't bring this info to your first meeting, it can stall the whole process. Bring your social security number, email information, emergency phone numbers, records of your past addresses, and your employer's information. Also bring any material, such as traffic tickets, that was given to you by the arresting officer.

2. Be honest.

It's normal to be embarrassed about what you have done. This embarrassment can make it tempting to lie. However, your lawyer needs to know the truth in order to better defend you. Tell them all of the honest details about your case. Be honest about how much you drank, what time you got in the car, and whether or not you truly felt you were sober enough to drive. Don't hide anything. Your lawyer's job is not to judge. They've heard worse stories than yours!

3. Know what outcome you would be happy with.

At some point in the meeting, your lawyer will probably ask you what you hope to get out of the case. Do you want the charges dismissed? Do you hope they will get reduced? Do you just want the whole process to be over as soon as possible? Think about this before the meeting so you can give your lawyer a clear and concise answer. The lawyer may turn around and tell you that your expectations are unrealistic, but at least you will then know this up-front.

4. Bring contact information from potential witnesses.

The sooner your lawyer is able to start contacting witnesses, the better. Bring them the names and phone numbers of anyone who was with you during the arrest, drank with you the night of the incident, and so forth. Let your lawyer decide who may and may not be a good witness. 

With the tips above, your first meeting with the DUI lawyer will be a productive one.