3 Crucial Reasons Why You Need A Car Accident Attorney Now

Posted on: 17 December 2018

Were you recently involved in a car accident that wasn't your fault? Is your insurance company now trying to avoid compensating you for your injuries? In order to stay in business, an insurance company must not pay out on each and every claim that is made, lest they pay out on a fraudulent claim. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that legitimate claims such as yours also get the run-around. As frustrating as this can be, there is a solution. Getting a car accident attorney to assist you is going to be the best and fastest way to ensure that your insurance company pays attention to you. Some of the best reasons for contacting an attorney include:

Nothing out of pocket: A lot of people shy away from hiring a car accident attorney because they don't want to wind up further in debt. Being involved in an accident can mean high medical bills, car repair bills, and being unable to work. Fortunately, attorneys that work on car accident cases do so at no initial cost to you. Instead of charging you up front, they will take an agreed-upon percentage of whatever you get from the insurance company. Depending on where you are and the attorney you use, this typically means that you'll pay 25-33% of your final settlement to the attorney.

Better believability: Many people view insurance claims as a get-rich-quick scheme. They believe that if they file a claim, no matter how ridiculous, the insurance company will have to pay them. Because of this, insurance companies have to investigate each and every claim that gets filed against them. One of the markers that they look for is whether or not the claimant, which is you in this case, was able to convince a lawyer to take the case. Since a car accident attorney isn't going to waste his or her time on a case that has no chance of making them money, having one on your side is a sign to the insurance company that your claims are legitimate.

Faster settlement: Another side-effect of better believability is having your claim processed more quickly. Instead of simply being sent somewhere unspecified "for further review" and not hearing anything potentially for weeks or even months, it's possible that you could have a viable settlement within just a few days of hiring an attorney. While there is no guarantee, and each case is going to be different, having an attorney on your side will increase the odds that the insurance company will compensate you both fairly and in a more timely manner.