The Unexpected Costs Of A Personal Injury

Posted on: 19 December 2018

Were you recently the victim of a personal injury at work? If so, you may think that all you need to be compensated for is the bill for the visit to the doctor right after it happened. Unfortunately, a personal injury can have expenses that extend far beyond your immediate medical care that you receive to treat the injury. Here are some unexpected costs of your work related personal injury.


You may have decided to work with a lawyer to receive the compensation that you deserve. If so, there will be a cost involved with hiring them. Hopefully, a lawyer helps you recover more money than you would have received by not using them, so your earnings still come out on top.

Emergency and Alternative Transportation

Sometimes you're not able to drive yourself to and from the doctor when the injury happens, or your injury has left you unable to drive. You'll end up needing to spend money on both emergency and alternative transportation while you are recovering, which can really add up over time. For example, if you injured your leg that you use for driving while on the job, you may need to take cabs into work since you cannot drive.

Durable Medical Goods

There are a lot of durable medical goods that can add up while you are recovering from a personal injury. You may have had to purchase crutches, an air cast, wraps, ice packs, braces, and other items to help you deal with the pain during recovery. All of these things are items that you would not have had to normally pay for in order to

Lost Wages

Don't forget that any time you miss work due to your injury is time that you could be working and making money. These are another cost of being injured, even though you are not receiving an actual bill in this situation.


You may eventually recover completely from your injury one day, but it will take quite a bit of work to get there. Physiotherapy may be necessary to regain the full range of motion in an arm or leg that was injured so that you can be back to 100% Some injury victims feel like they should skip this crucial part of the recovery process because of the cost related to it, but it may be the key to recovery so that you do not have lingering issues.

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