Handling Your Auto Accident Case

Posted on: 29 December 2018

Motorcycle accidents can be among the most devastating wrecks that a person can go through. The damage from an auto accident can be enough to cause permanent disabilities, loss of life and sizable property damages. If you are planning on regularly riding a motorcycle, preparing for the day that you experience an accident can prove to be very useful.

The Initial Offer From The Insurance Is Often Much Lower Than The Value Of Your Case

In the immediate days following the accident, the insurance for the driver that caused the accident is likely to reach out to you. This is done in an attempt to quickly settle the case. Insurance companies will often attempt to settle the claim before the victim can hire an attorney or otherwise review their rights. This can lead to them being vulnerable to accepting low settlement offers that may not fully restore the losses that they suffered.

Failing To Wear Safety Gear Does Not Automatically Disqualify You From Pursuing A Lawsuit

There is extremely effective safety gear that motorcycle riders are often legally obligated to wear. Motorcycle helmets are often a requirement for riders, but this is a requirement that motorcyclists will often refuse. In the event of an accident, failing to wear the appropriate safety gear can have sizable impacts on the strength of your case, but it will not completely prohibit you from pursuing this matter. Generally, injuries or damages that were likely the result of failing to wear the safety gear may be excluded from the settlement or verdict, but the exact way that this will be handled is likely to depend on the jurisdiction and the facts around the case.

A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Handle More Than Just Filing A Lawsuit

Many motorcycle accident victims will fail to speak with an attorney as they may assume that this should only be done if they are planning on filing a lawsuit. However, a motorcycle attorney can help their clients in numerous ways other than filing the lawsuit. One of the more common and useful will be for handling negotiations with the insurance. Auto accident victims will often lack the skills and experience with negotiations to be able to effectively manage this aspect of the settlement process. Your attorney will also be able to provide guidance to help you with gathering the documentation that will be needed to prove your damages in the event that a lawsuit is the only option for resolving the matter in a fair manner.