4 Things You Need To Do When Hiring An Injury Attorney

Posted on: 5 January 2019

When you hire an injury attorney, you want to hire an attorney who will get you a large settlement. You need to hire an attorney who will be able to help you out and make sure that you get the compensation you deserve.

#1 First Create Your Criteria List

The first thing you need to do is make a list of things that you want in an attorney. At the top of your list, your attorney should be licensed in your state to practice law. Second, your attorney should have experience with the specific type of case that you will be filing with the court system. Third, your attorney should have experience with the local court system that your case will go through. Fourth, you want an attorney who is accessible.

You can add other criteria to your list; just make this list before you start looking for an attorney. This list will guide you and help you find the right attorney.

#2 Create a List of Lawyers

You need to create a list of lawyers that you want to learn more about. You can ask friends and family members for referrals, and be sure to ask what they used the attorney for. You don't want to work with a divorce attorney on a personal injury case.

After that, look up lawyers in the directory and write down lawyers who look like they would meet your criteria. You can also use Google to try and find lawyers who look interesting.

#3 Research the Lawyers

Once you have a short list of lawyers you want to potentially work with, you need to research these lawyers. Read their bios and websites, and get an idea about their level of experience and personality. Try and find reviews that will let you know about other's experience working with these attorneys. Look up their information with the state bar association and make sure that they don't have any negative strikes.

Use the research to narrow down your list of lawyers. Get rid of any lawyers who don't meet your standards, or who don't feel like they would be a good personality fit with you.

#4 Set Up Meetings

Finally, when you have narrowed down your list of injury attorneys, call their law offices, see if they are accepting clients, and if they are, see if you can meet and have a consultation. When you attend the consultation, come with information about your case and a list of questions to ask. Use the consultations to find the right attorney. Keep in mind you don't need to hire an attorney until you have met with all interested candidates.

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