Crash Victim? Do These Things At The Scene To Help Protect Your Rights

Posted on: 14 January 2019

Being involved in a car accident is never pleasant, but statistics show that this is the reality for more than 6 million drivers each year. Since every crash can involve the risk of personal injury or death, as well as property damage, knowing what to do in the critical time frame after a crash is an important part of being made whole again after this type of devastating experience. 

Attend to medical needs first

The first consideration after any traffic accident is to determine the medical needs of anyone involved. If possible, immediately call 911 or ask someone on scene to do so. 

Prevent further damage

Car accidents typically happen most on busy roadways, so it will be important to take steps to warn other drivers so that other vehicles can stop safely before impacting the crash scene. Setting up emergency flares or asking someone who has stopped to help to flag traffic can help avoid additional injuries and damage at the scene of the accident. 

Document the scene

Once you have seen to the medical needs of those on site and taken steps to prevent further damage, the next step is to document the scene by taking photos and getting contact information from all those involved. If witnesses to the accident are on scene, it is important to also get their contact information, in case it is needed later. 

A good way to quickly and easily document the scene is to take photos of each vehicle, making sure to clearly show the license plate and all damage to the vehicle. If possible, ask to see and photograph the driving license, insurance card, and vehicle registration of all drivers involved in the accident. This will help with both the insurance claim and any later legal steps that may be necessary to recoup your damages. 

When taking photos, it is also important to capture skid marks on the pavement to help show how the accident occurred and any street signs, landmarks, or billboards that may help to prove the location and direction of travel. If weather conditions are a factor, doing a screen capture of your phone's weather app can be helpful, as well. 

Another thing to consider while still on the scene of a car crash is the question of financial damages and liability. Contacting a car accident attorney as soon as possible to discuss your situation is the best possible way of ensuring that you are legally protected throughout the entire settlement process.