Protect Your Loved One With An Arabic Speaking Personal Injury Attorney

Posted on: 18 January 2019

A common misconception people have about attorneys is that it's only important that they know and understand the law. However, a good attorney should also know and understand their client. Unfortunately, language and cultural barriers can cause issues that limit the client's and attorney's ability to connect. If you have an Arabic speaking loved one who was injured in a motor vehicle accident, it's helpful to find a bilingual attorney who can help. 

Accurate Accident Account

In order for an accident claim to move forward, it's essential that the attorney has an accurate account of what happened. While an Arabic-speaking loved one might be able to relay information from the victim, only an attorney understands what information is most crucial. 

A bilingual attorney can sit down with your loved one and collect the most accurate account of the accident to help determine the best way to approach their claim. The more accurate the attorney's account of their claim, the more likely they are to obtain a successful settlement. 

Cultural Barriers Are Always Present

The North African and Middle Eastern regions that speak Arabic have a unique culture set. For example, traditional Arabic custom frowns upon a sense of hurry, especially when it comes to meeting someone for the first time. 

An attorney without this knowledge might innocently speed through the meeting, but the accident victim could see this behavior as a sign of disrespect. If a client and attorney don't begin their relationship on a positive note, it can cause negative impacts with their case. 

Client Awareness is Essential

An attorney plays a critical role in a personal injury claim; however, the role of the victim is also important. The accident victim must be informed about current filing dates, certain activities they should avoid, want not to say to the insurance company — this list goes on. 

A language barrier can prevent the attorney from relaying the most important information to the victim, which could ultimately put the integrity of the entire claim in jeopardy. A bilingual attorney has the advantage of relaying information to their client, but they also understand how to interpret the information from their client, answer any questions, and ensure the victim understands their responsibility. 

If your loved one was injured, it's essential you act fast. Personal injury cases are protected under a statute of limitations guidelines that require each case be filed within a specific period of time. Contact an Arabic speaking attorney as soon as possible.