3 Most Common Types Of Job Site Accidents You Can Get Compensated For

Posted on: 14 October 2020

It is the responsibility of every construction site manager and owner to ensure that employees and passers-by are safe from any risks at the construction site. For this reason, every job site should have fall arrest systems, fire fighting equipment, and temporary fences around the construction site, among other safety features and equipment.

However, not everyone follows these safety guidelines and regulations. If you are a construction site worker or a passer-by and you were injured in a construction site accident, you are allowed to hire an attorney to pursue compensation. Here are the three most common types of job site accidents and how you can file a compensation claim after the accident.

1. Compensation From Fires and Explosions

Many construction sites rely on electricity or gas as a source of power. In addition to this, construction involves the use of chemicals, and some substances can be flammable. The construction site owner should provide firefighting gear to minimize the chances of fire accidents. They should also install fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and other equipment to prevent fire accidents.

If a fire occurred and these safety measures were not in place, you can sue the employer for negligence. A competent job site accident lawyer will help you collect evidence, present it, and pursue rightful compensation.

2. Compensation From Fall Accidents

Falls are the second-most-common construction site accidents after fires and explosions. They are most common where people have to work at a great height. Generally, the site managers are supposed to erect scaffolding, which is a fall arrest system for people working at heights.

However, if they are missing or installed incorrectly and you fall during the construction work, you can sue management and get compensated for injuries and other costs. The extent of the injuries, your medical care costs, and the time you will stay out of work should determine how much compensation to ask for.

3. Compensation for Overworking

It is the nature of construction project managers to have strict timelines they want to adhere to. This often leads to them pushing the employees to work hard to meet deadlines. If you are working under extremely hot or cold conditions, you might end up with a heat stroke or hypothermia. In this case, you are allowed to sue and get compensated for these injuries.

After a job site accident, find a job site accident lawyer. They will help you gather evidence, file a claim, and negotiate for a fair settlement.