Has A Dog Just Bitten You? Take The Following Measures Immediately

Posted on: 30 March 2022

Dogs are naturally friendly, and they love to spend time with human beings. But it's not uncommon for an unfriendly or frightened canine to turn against you and bite you. Whether deep or superficial, dog bites require specialized treatment. In fact, you might be forced to stop working during the treatment period. The hefty treatment bills and loss of income might result in financial distress. Luckily, you don't have to carry the financial burden alone. You can sue the dog owner and get compensated for all the losses you have undergone. The following steps will help you achieve this. 

Seek Immediate Medical Care from a Hospital 

Dog owners should vaccinate their pets regularly to protect them from hazardous diseases that may be transmitted from animals to human beings. Unfortunately, not all pet owners adhere to this directive. Since you aren't sure about the dog's vaccination status, it's best to take precautionary measures. That means you have to seek immediate medical care after a dog bite.

Going to a hospital immediately keeps you out of danger of contracting rabies, a life-threatening condition. Besides, a medical examination will enable you to get a doctor's medical report. You can use this report to prove you sustained injuries if you decide to seek justice in court.

Document or Journalize Your Injuries

Though treatment should be your priority, you shouldn't forget to take photos of the wounds before receiving treatment. After treatment, it's advisable to note down the effects of your injuries, including pain, inability to perform particular duties, or decreased immobility. 

Besides that, you should write down what transpired before, during, and after the accident while the events are still fresh in your mind. Also, find eyewitnesses and ask them to write an account of the incident. 

The expenses you've incurred from the accident also form a crucial part of the evidence needed to substantiate your claim. Therefore, keep records of all the expenses, including medical bills, travel costs as well as lost wages. 

Get Professional Legal Assistance

It can be challenging to win a dog bite lawsuit without professional help. Besides, the insurance firm can persuade you to accept a low settlement if you do not understand your rights as per the law. For this reason, it is advisable to get professional legal assistance. A personal injury lawyer or dog bite lawyer will walk you through the legal journey of finding justice. They will ensure that your settlement matches the losses you have incurred after encountering the accident. 

After getting bitten by a dog, the chances of getting justice will depend on your actions. So if you want a favorable outcome, follow the ideas shared in this article and the advice your lawyer offers you.