The Games Insurers Play to Evade Settling Damages, and Why Having a Lawyer Helps

Posted on: 23 May 2022

If you have had a car accident or other insurance claim before, you understand that sometimes it can turn into a stressful ordeal. Many cases drag for months and even years for various reasons. Your case might be taking longer than usual because you do not have all the evidence needed to seal it. However, consider hiring a car accident injury lawyer if you have done your research and presented the required documents, but you still have not gotten compensated. They can help you assess the insurer's behavior and determine whether they might be deliberately slowing down the process. 

Clauses That Absolve Them from Responsibility

It is common for the insurers to visit you several times with documents they need you to sign. When your case has been dragging for months, you might feel tempted to sign any document presented without interrogating its content and intent. However, this might be a mistake. Sometimes, documents have clauses that absolve the insurer from further liability in your case. It is advisable to have your lawyer look at all of these documents before signing them, as it will help avoid getting played. 

Asking for a Statement About the Accident

The insurance company is in business to make money. It is best to understand that they do not always act in your best interest. The insurer might try to get you to admit that you played a role in the accident by having their agent call you and ask you for a statement. You should avoid giving any self-incriminating accounts about the accident. It is best to speak to a lawyer before issuing any recorded information about what transpired. The attorney will help you craft a response that will not jeopardize your claim or settlement.

When They Are Unavailable

It is common for your insurer to be unavailable once or twice. However, if you try them several times in several weeks and they are still unavailable, it is time to think about legal help. Unavailability can be used as a tactic to slow down the process and even manipulate you into giving up the process altogether. 

Telling You to Pay for Damages

The insurer might also call you and tell you they have delays in the repayment process. They might even ask you to pay for damages. Seek legal counsel before using your money in the process.

These are a few games insurers play when they do not want to settle. Having an auto accident injury lawyer by your side helps you avoid getting victimized. For more information, you can turn to a firm such as Frank Penney Injury Lawyers.