• 5 Issues That Commonly Interrupt "Failure to Diagnose" Claims

    When it comes to medical malpractice lawsuits, the majority of claims are for misdiagnosed conditions, a failure to diagnose a specific condition, or a delayed diagnosis. Yet these kinds of claims are more difficult to prove than many patients initially believe. There are many potential ways for a doctor to deflect blame or transfer negligence on to another party. Make sure you're prepared for all five of these potential roadblocks when planning your medical malpractice claim for a delayed or failed diagnosis. [Read More]

  • 3 Things To Know About Long-Term Injuries After A Car Accident

    Going through a collision with another vehicle can leave you with injuries that never go away, and if you did not cause this accident to occur, you have a right to seek compensation for these injuries. Seeking compensation for injuries that are long-term is different than seeking compensation for minor injuries, and here are three important things to understand if you are going through this right now. You should seek help from multiple doctors to find out clearer answers [Read More]

  • Protect Your Loved One With An Arabic Speaking Personal Injury Attorney

    A common misconception people have about attorneys is that it's only important that they know and understand the law. However, a good attorney should also know and understand their client. Unfortunately, language and cultural barriers can cause issues that limit the client's and attorney's ability to connect. If you have an Arabic speaking loved one who was injured in a motor vehicle accident, it's helpful to find a bilingual attorney who can help. [Read More]

  • Types Of Medical Malpractice You Should Know

    Medical malpractice can happen in a variety of ways, many of which lead to a malpractice lawsuit. if you are injured, whether through negligence or accident, the medical staff can be held responsible for your injuries. The following are some types of medical malpractice you should know if you are thinking about filing a lawsuit to recover your medical damages: Bad Treatment When you are in the hands of medical professionals, you are entitled to proper treatment. [Read More]

  • 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Personal Injury Claim

    You may not be able to plan for a personal injury, but you can prepare for one. Therefore, if you are injured while operating a vehicle or after an accident such as a slip and fall in a public place, understanding how to navigate a personal injury claim is smart. Unfortunately, even if you do understand the process of filing a claim, you may make a costly mistake. This guide will help you avoid a few common mistakes made when filing a personal injury claim. [Read More]

  • Do You Own A Pressure Cooker? If So, You Should Read This Article

    Could your pressure cooker be defective? Would you even know? Pressure cookers are not new, but they've recently gained a great deal of popularity among busy consumers looking for an easy -- and fast -- way to prepare home-cooked meals for their families. Unfortunately, that rise in popularity has lead to a rise in accidents, many of which are not the consumer's fault. If you own a pressure cooker, here's some important information. [Read More]

  • Crash Victim? Do These Things At The Scene To Help Protect Your Rights

    Being involved in a car accident is never pleasant, but statistics show that this is the reality for more than 6 million drivers each year. Since every crash can involve the risk of personal injury or death, as well as property damage, knowing what to do in the critical time frame after a crash is an important part of being made whole again after this type of devastating experience.  Attend to medical needs first [Read More]

  • Motorcycle Accidents And The Law: Crucial Considerations

    Motorcycle accidents can cause riders serious injuries, and if you are ever in a motorcycle crash, you may need to pursue legal action to get compensation for your medical bills and lost wages. To successfully litigate this type of case, however, it's important to understand a number of key legal issues regarding motorcycle injuries and the law. Here are some important points about these types of civil suits that every motorcycle rider should know. [Read More]

  • Compensation For Personal Injury Pain And Suffering

    Monetary payment for your losses as a result of an accident might include a category that few people fully understand. If the other driver is at fault, you might expect to be paid for your wrecked car and medical bills, but that is just the tip of the compensation iceberg. Pain and suffering are a separate and valuable form of compensation and you would be wise to understand how it's calculated and what you are owed. [Read More]

  • Hit By A Car As A Pedestrian? 3 Things To Know

    Being hit by a car or other vehicle can be a traumatic experience. This type of accident can lead to serious injury, missed work, and have other major impacts on your day to day life. Dealing with the aftermath can also be expensive in terms of medical bills, physical therapy, and a lack of funds due to the time missed from your job. If you are in this situation, taking legal action may be your best option. [Read More]