• Why Mediation Is Ideal For Your Personal Injury Settlement

    If you have suffered an injury caused by another person's negligence, you may want to consider mediation when settling your case. Settling a personal injury claim through the court system can be stressful, so mediation is an ideal option. Here are some things to know about mediation for your personal injury case. Who Is the Mediator? The mediator is the person who acts as a facilitator between you and the liable party. [Read More]

  • Why You Should Work With A Wrongful Death Attorney When A Loved One Is Killed Because Of Negligence

    If someone you love passes away because of the negligence of someone else, you deserve to be compensated. This event is what's known as a wrongful death, and it happens in many sectors, like medical and construction. Facing this catastrophic event is more manageable when you consult with a wrongful death attorney, who can help in these ways.  Assess the Strength of Your Case  Unfortunately, some wrongful death incidents are easier to prove than others. [Read More]

  • Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect: What To Know

    Trying to locate and do your due diligence to find a good facility for your elderly loved ones can be a challenge. Unfortunately, even if you feel confident about your choice, your loved one could become a victim of abuse or neglect at a nursing home facility. It pays to monitor your loved one on a regular basis and to take action when problems arise. Read on to learn more. [Read More]

  • Be Sure That Your Demand Letter Stipulates Damages For These Bicycle Accident Injuries

    It's possible to ride your bicycle for a long time without ever being in an accident, but should you and another cyclist end up making contact, several different outcomes are possible. In the case of a minor collision, you can wish each other well and continue on your respective ways. However, if you've been seriously hurt and are looking at some significant medical expenses, you'll likely want some compensation from the other cyclist — especially if you believe that he or she blatantly caused the accident. [Read More]

  • How To Handle Delayed Injuries After A Car Accident

    Car accidents sometimes leave people in the hospital immediately for injuries, but there are also times when people walk away from accidents without any signs of injuries. If you had an accident and feel fine afterwards, you should give it some time before agreeing to settle your case, as you may have delayed injuries. What is a delayed injury? Some injuries that occur from car accidents are obvious from the time the accidents occur, and this may include injuries such as cuts, bruises, pain, and broken bones. [Read More]

  • When A Dog Bites Your Child: The Legal Ramifications

    Dogs biting children is not an uncommon occurrence, unfortunately, and parents may need to consider legal action in some instances. Dog bites are generally civil cases that are adjudicated under personal injury law. Here are some of the main considerations to keep in mind if your child has been bitten and you are thinking about taking legal action against the owner. Legal Principles Owners may be held legally responsible for the actions of their dog under various legal principles. [Read More]

  • How You Can Help Your Attorney For Your Auto Accident Case

    If you have been the victim of an auto accident and have decided that you want, or need, or take legal action against the at-fault driver, you will want to make sure that you are helping your case out as much as possible. To do this, you will want to spend some time reviewing the following information. Make Sure That You Attend Every Appointment It is crucial that you are doing everything you can in order to get to every single one of your doctor's appointment. [Read More]

  • Whose Fault Is It When Someone Slips On Winter Ice?

    If you live in a cold, snowy climate, you already likely know how treacherous the ice and snow can be. Even if you love the brisk conditions, you probably don't enjoy the daily grind of shoveling, scraping your vehicle, and walking to and fro as you go about your business running errands. As annoying as this is, it can also be downright dangerous when someone slips and falls on a sidewalk or in a parking lot during the winter. [Read More]

  • Bitten By Someone's Dog? Know Who's Responsible

    When you are injured by another person, it is usually quite clear who you need to go after in court in order to receive compensation for your injury. However, suffering from a dog bite can be a different story. Your immediate question will be about who is ultimately responsible for what the dog did. The Owner of the Dog In most situations, the person who is going to found liable when you're bitten by a dog is the owner of the dog. [Read More]

  • 3 Steps You Should Take If You're Given A Speeding Ticket

    It's important to be a safe driver and pay attention to all posted traffic signs. However, you're not alone if you've gone over the speed limit when you were late to work or an appointment. If you were pulled over and given a speeding ticket, don't panic. Here are the three steps you should take after receiving a traffic ticket. 1. Be polite to the police. Although it's frustrating to be given a speeding ticket, the police officer writing the ticket is just doing his job. [Read More]